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The Benefits Of Partnering With Us.

We Know Product Quality and Definition.

It is important to realize that Chinese Manufacturers / Traders and independent suppliers use their own terminology to describe product uniqueness, just because you or your local marketplace call a specific product one thing doesn’t mean the Chinese marketplace does, in fact i would say that this is one of most prevalent aspects of dealing with Asia. Not only is terminology specific to the region but culturally their understanding of quality or their levels of quality differ significantly from the west, this isn’t to say the quality is poor, far from it, the difference is how many quality levels there are and how ambiguous they can be to western buyers.

For example : Grade A – AA – AAA – B – C – High Copy – Top Copy – OEM – Original material – Ect.

Each of these labels could mean very different things to each individual seller, for instance seller A – B – C all describes their products as OEM your understanding therefore is that the offered product is a 100% genuine, however the term OEM on its own is misleading.

A = (Original Part Pulled From a used handset and reconditioned) B = (New Original Part) C = (Aftermarket Manufacturer Using Original material and tech to product the original part) the difference here to OEM is quality percentage this depends on how advanced the their manufacturing process is.

Experience therefore in both sourcing and acquisition is fundamental, and necessary to sufficiently understand the product it’s manufacturing process and quality level. When dealing with overseas suppliers knowledge is paramount in order to secure the right quality part for the best available price.

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What We Offer

We Are A Local Canadian Business.

Most importantly we are reachable and our business practices are accountable as we are governed by Canadian law, this offers you the protection you need from international / overseas scammers and unaccountable companies whilst still achieving the very same business benefits savings and access to the Chinese marketplace.

We Offer Trouble free international shipping.

Order terms from Chinese suppliers can be EXW (Ex-Works) or FOB (Freight-On-Board) just choose whichever saves you the most money, your orders can be shipped domestic express, stock checked and consolidated before leaving china, once confirmed then exported Via DHL Express to our location for in country inspection once the order has been verified it will be expedited direct to your door.

  • No additional import or landing fees.
  • No nasty surprises on opening like an alternative scrap product or 2 pieces instead of the 12 pieces you paid for.
  • Just choose you products pay the pro-forma invoice quoted and it back job done.

You Get Personal Customer Service And Supplier Management Access.

You can deal with only us or source your own suppliers to secure product, we can then step up and personally mange your order through to its fruition, including any problems that may arise, we will consult with you and address your requirements, including stock and product issues, ordering errors and shipment details.

  • Units of Available Stock In Canada = Target 15,000 pcs 89.8% 89.8%
  • Electronics Defect Rate: New Parts 2.9% 2.9%
  • Customer Satisfaction Rate. 99.6% 99.6%

Order Process

We have uploaded a sample bulk order for your convenience the order fields consist of the:

  • Customer requests order quotation,
  • Axiology will Contact our suppliers to obtain the best prices and availability,
  • Axiology send’s you the completed quotation,
  • Customer then add’s, delete’s or amend’s the order based upon the information received,
  • Customer send’s Confirmation of quotation including amendments,
  • Axiology send’s you a pro-forma invoice,
  • Customer Pays Invoice,(Once the pro-forma invoice has been accepted and paid it cannot be refunded as this money is used to purchase your new stock)
  • Axiology confirm’s the order is completed and ready for export, Depending on the shipping channel required as to product type ect.. we will inform you of the shipment size its cost and transit time to Canada,
  • Customer Pays Shipping Invoice door to door service.(Once the invoice has been accepted and paid it cannot be refunded as this money is used to ship and import your new stock)
  • Customers Products arrive in Canada,
  • Axiology performs quality control checks for order accuracy product count, quality and damage.
  • Axiology confirms the order’s accuracy and any discrepancies, any issues will be the responsibility of Axiology to resolve,
  • Customer confirms shipping address and service required.

Invoices (Orders) are Payable Via Paypal, Credit Card or Electronic Transfer.

Axiology Imports Canada


We have uploaded a sample bulk order for your convenience the order fields consist of the:

  • Product kind,
  • Model,
  • Colour,
  • Description,
  • Qty required,
  • Price per unit In Canadian dollars,
  • Commission – Flat rate of 0.12cents per unit across the board (Same low rate For a $1 part or a $20 part),
  • Total qty price,
  • Quality level.

The Minimum Bulk order Spend is $1500 inclusive Except for shipping. Shipping is calculated once the order is built and packed.(Your shipping costs are guaranteed to not be inflated, Your rate is our rate) Our commission is only as stated everything else is priced at cost,
International shipping is via DHL and imported to our facility in British columbia,the stock is then counted, visually checked for quality and damage then consolidated and shipped via Canada Post expedited Service to your Location.

Small Business

Axiology Imports is a small business operating out of the city of Surrey in British Columbia Canada. As a cellular parts wholsaler we supply locally, domestically, and internationally to a diverse range of business, repair stores and individuals who specialize in the repair and the reconstruction of mobility devices.

Online, Affordable And Top Quality

We provide quality parts and service to those e-commerce customers looking for a premium but affordable product. Hear at Axiology we endeavour to provide all of our online customers with a smooth fast purchasing experience, we have striven to personalize our customer care and understand that different people have different needs along with their own individual expectations, we also appreciate that peace of mind can be achieved through our solid products and the guarantees they come with.

Firefighting and Prevention

In business there are invariably more problems than you have the time to personally deal with. At best, this can mean minor issues are ignored or stacked. At worst, constant fire fighting consumes your time and loses you money. In most situations, the hero is the one who puts out those daily fires. But where were these heroes when the problems started? Why didn’t they intervene sooner? well now were back to time management and its limits. There is just never enough!

Although prevention is always preferable to reaction, problems do arise products can be faulty and customers overtly demanding, support is available problem solving is achievable and peace can be restored.  were here to help!